Maybe this is why we fight corruption … because it’s easier than dealing with our own families.

Something a wise source said to me last night…

I’ll add to this:

  • Because it’s the right thing to do, democratically-speaking.
  • Because the mass media can be bought — investigative reporters in Toronto are cheap — some are on the take, some are informants. Just because someone works for a national newspaper doesn’t make them invincible. The opposite in fact. They have too much to lose and plenty of up-and-coming talent on contract to tie a noose around and leave hanging out to dry when the RCMP comes.
  • Because bodies are dropping: three murders in broad daylight, execution/Mafia-style.
  • Because York Regional Police is being de facto shut down by an unnamed politician (or politicians) higher up on the food chain.
  • Because the developers own the police force. For now.
  • Because the Treasury Board is giving away another $20 million dollars for a hospital that does not and will never exist in the northern suburbs of Toronto. As long as the land goes to developers and most of that $20 million comes back in the form of campaign contributions.
  • Because millions of dollars are being washed through Italian charities (and massive grants are being given to them by the government); they’re already under investigation by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Because Greater Toronto is going Liberal before the next election, and quickly. Insiders can sense which way the political winds are blowing. Even the western provinces are vulnerable by next Spring.
  • Because the Senate is being dismantled through attrition on part of the Prime Minister’s Office, and that is blatantly unconstitutional.
  • Because even though it’s not my city and not my province, it still affects me as a Montrealer/Quebecer/Canadian. (See: Constitution Act, 1867Constitution Act, 1982)